Audio Real Life Interaction


ARLI will present research and scientific findings on loudspeaker/room interactions and give advice on how to use this knowledge in the real world of custom installation.

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Loudspeaker Design

Quality loudspeakers is essential for having a perfect sound

  • • The relationship between loudspeaker measurements and listener preferences
  • • The audibility of loudspeaker-room resonances and room reflections
  • • Acoustical treatment of rooms based on science – DSP-Amplifier with feedback and room corrections
  • • Optimizing the sweet spot and in-room response of loudspeaker/subwoofer positioning and the use and advantages of multiple subwoofers
  • • Loudspeaker/room correction through equalization – does it work?
  • • A demonstration of a room-correction system: the DSP-Dirac Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System


Quality components is essential for having a perfect sound. The interaction of a system could be with a DSP-controlled amplifier. Wisely used audio quality components give the listener a possibility to reach a higher level of sound experience.


ARLI will be focus on rather small designed amplifiers and loudspeakers usually done in high-end audio market. Our goal is to get you the sound that is pleasing to your ears so that you can truly enjoy the music in your home. Quality choice of components is an essential part for reaching a perfect sound.


Our vision is to have an astonishing good looking audio system in a small package without compromising with components.